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Manzanita Muse Studio
showcasing Cortes Island artists Dianne Bersea & Jodi Forster with shell rattles, watercolor, acrylic & whimsical artwork, wood carving, prints and greeting cards.
Tideline Scuplture


Island Concierge
If you are planning corporate meetings, executive retreats or groups traveling, use the personalized trip planning services of Andrew MacMillan, your Island Concierge!
Tourism British Columbia
Campbell River Tourism
Quadra Island Vacation Rentals
Planning a vacation on Quadra Island? Looking for the perfect oceanfront vacation rental accommodations on Vancouver Island, Canada? We have just what you're looking for!
BC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences
CR Muesum Sportfishing Archives


Denny Island B&B
Koeye Lodge
Knight Inlet Lodge
Denny Island BC
Solstua West

Marine Services

Cape Ross
Datum Marine Services
Parker Marine


Raincoast Research Society
Using partnered science to unleash the salmon forests capacity to renew itself, Raincoast Research (Alexandra Morton) was founded in 1981 to conduct year round research on the acoustics of the Orca of the British Columbia Coast. 
Laich-Kwil-Tach Treaty Society

Sporting Goods

River Sportsman
Deadly Dick Lures


Village Island Tours
"Let me take you to meet some of my ancestors." Aboriginal Orca and Grizzly Bear Adventures with Village Island Tours and First Nation Guide, Tom Sewid. Tom provides an authentic native perspective into our coastal culture, heritage and wilderness values.
Bold Point Farmstay B&B in the Wilderness
A Cottage Farmstay "Learn by doing" program for those who wish to learn about farming - planting, harvesting, smoking and canning meats, animal husbandry, making wild berry and herb juices jellies and teas - and so much more! Trips can be arranged to go coastal kayaking, salmon fishing, grizzly bear viewing, scuba diving, snorkeling with the salmon, caving and mountain climbing.


Vancouver Island Air
Voyagers Water Taxi
Way West


Harbour Light Marine Antiques



















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